Virtua Group announces New Investment & Partnership with Natural Selection Talent Acquisition

A New Chapter

Virtua Executive are a global, rapid-growth executive search consultancy specialising in the consumer goods sectors with offices in the UK, Amsterdam, and Dubai.

Virtua’s investment will be used to accelerate international growth plans for Naturalis People/Natural Selection’s CEO, Alan Gove. Naturalis People are an industry leading executive search consultancy with an emphasis on working with organisations who are focused on New Food, Food Tech, sustainability and broader ESG, Carbon Zero and Purpose before profit industry challenges.

Naturalis works in partnership with a broad selection of Food and Consumer businesses, from seed investment through to series A and B funded start ups. They deliver a broad and added value people solution that helps the Consumer ‘space’ face up to the many challenges and opportunities.

Not only will this new partnership see an exciting new chapter ahead for the Naturalis business, it will also see the launch of their brand new European office based in central Amsterdam. With ambitious international targets in mind, both the Naturalis & Virtua teams have their eyes set on further international expansion outside of Europe in the coming months.

Alan Gove, CEO & Founder – Naturalis People:

Alan Gove, CEO & Founder of Naturalis People said: This joint venture makes perfect sense for both Naturalis & Virtua. We are completely aligned in terms of commitment to our specific consumer markets and both businesses are thriving at the top of their game in their respective sectors.

I respect James Watson & Virtua massively for the work they’ve done within the sports and fashion industry over the last decade. And in forming this group, I feel that we can establish operational excellence across our industries, clients, and internal business. We are operating at an exceptionally high level both in terms of delivery to clients & level of appointments thus far, with an impressive track-record to date.

Our team are incredibly excited to move to a global operating model, having presence & working in offices around the world that are aligned to our clients, operations, and ambitions. I know we are both incredibly excited to add more brands to the group in the future, and see this initial partnership as a key venture that will pave the way for our ambitious strategy.

James Watson, CEO & Co-Founder – Virtua Executive:

We are delighted to be partnering with Alan and the team at Natural Selection. Having worked with Alan for a number of years now and really understanding his ambitions, he is an almost perfect match to the group culture and mentality we have here at Virtua. For me personally, I have admired his passionate and customer-centric approach to his work. His entire business embodies the values of being the change they wish to see in the food & drink sector, partnering with impressive B-corp & alternative clients across global markets.

We will be working closely with Alan to help Natural Selection grow internationally and also to help us further improve our operational capabilities & excellence across the group. I am very much looking forward to the future of this partnership and can’t wait to see Naturalis open in new markets, as well as grow their already impressive team.”