Virtua Launches USA Business and Welcomes Kate Young as Managing Director

A New Chapter in Miami

Virtua signals another new chapter with the opening of an office in Miami and the launch of the business in North America & Canada. Experienced executive search leader, Kate Young, has been appointed to lead the business in establishing the firm's presence as Managing Director - North America. And under the guidance of CEO and Founder, James Watson, Kate is currently setting the stage for an ambitious expansion strategy aimed at mirroring the company's success across the Atlantic.

Kate's appointment as MD and Partner comes as she approaches her second year of living in Miami - a vivacious city strategically chosen as the HQ for Virtua's American operations. Kate & team have secured a new office space in the vibrant surroundings of Brickell - with plans to grow her team in the coming months, starting firstly with a consultant hire.

Having relocated to Miami 1.5 years ago to serve as the Managing Director for a North American agency, Kate brings a wealth of experience and a rich background in recruitment, marketing, and advertising. Her impressive career spans 14 years, with a significant portion dedicated to the UK and European markets, and more recently, expanding her prowess into the US and Asia.

Building on a Foundation of Excellence

Virtua's vision for the Miami headquarters is clear: to cover the whole of America focusing on senior-level brand side roles within the retail and branded consumer goods sectors. While senior roles remain the primary focus, the ambition is to cater to mid-level positions as needed, ensuring an end-to-end service offering that aligns with the success story scripted by James in Europe.

Kate's extensive experience includes significant roles 'below the line,' 'through the line,' and 'above the line' in marketing, advertising, and recruitment. Notably, she has worked in-house at two major marketing and advertising agencies in London, equipping her with a deep understanding and unique perspective of both sides of the recruitment process.

A Vision for Growth, Rooted in People and Culture

Virtua hopes to maintain its boutique character but envisions a growth trajectory by assembling a team of exceptionally talented individuals. The plan includes exploring opportunities in key American hubs such as NYC, LA, Atlanta, and Chicago. It’s a people-centric growth strategy based around building a team of individuals whose talent and vision will shape Virtua's expansion across the USA.

Central to Virtua's philosophy is a culture of working with the right people - professionals who excel at their jobs, are great with clients and candidates, and the uphold high moral standards that Virtua (its name based on the word ‘virtuous’) stands for. Key elements of this culture include creating lasting relationships, ensuring the right fit for every role, and maintaining a boutique, customisable approach to recruitment.

Kate Young at the Helm

Born in Hartlepool and raised in Durham, UK, Kate's global perspective is enriched by her experiences of living in numerous locations across the globe from an early age. She brings to Virtua an impressive blend of market knowledge, recruitment expertise, and unparalleled people skills honed across different levels of management and challenges, including managing start-ups and thriving in her recruitment career, even throughout the pandemic.

Kate's approach to recruitment stands out for its personable nature – a far cry from the hard sell often associated with the industry. This softer, more personable approach has been key to her success, and she’s proud to have a flawless record for repeat business and building lasting relationships over the years.

Choosing Virtua was a decision driven by her professional synergy and personal camaraderie with James, who she met in a previous role and worked with for three years. Their shared experiences, challenges, and successes lay the foundation for a partnership that’s set to make significant progress in the US market.

Kate told us, “I really admire James and all he has achieved in his relatively young career. The level of roles and client base he has built up is impressive, so when he told me he had an opening in the US, it was a no-brainer for me to make the move.” She continued, “We share the same mentality. We’re not about hard sales. We get on with people and each other. We’re also resilient - not only when it comes to client and candidate management, but in new business too.”

With Kate Young at the helm, Virtua's US venture is far more than just the next step in their expansion - it's a promise of bringing a unique, people-first approach to recruitment in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

Look out US, because Virtua, led by Kate's resilient and expert guidance, is ready to make its mark.

If you’re looking for recruitment support in the retail and manufacturing sectors in the USA or the UK and Europe, contact Virtua to discuss how we could help.